Ongoing / Coming up




2018 Näköpurppura (Rhodopsin), Vanhan Raatihuoneen galleria, Turku, Finland
2016 Step Into the Whole New Realm, Titanik gallery, Turku, Finland
2016 Johannes Rantapuska & Sauli Sirviö, HAM gallery, Helsinki Art Museum, Finland
2015 NWE, SIC, Helsinki, Finland
2014 It Listens to Your Phone, Smiles at You in Media and Asks You for Money, Gallery Alkovi, Helsinki, Finland
2012 Never Going Home, SIC, Helsinki, Finland
2009 B-sides, Gallery Avia Pervia, Modena, Italy
2009 The Great Escape, Tense Territories, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland
2007 Night Pictures from Milan, Gallery E35, Modena, Italy


2019 Sandstorm, Porin kulttuurisäätö, Yyteri, Finland
2018 Altered Flakes, SIC, Helsinki, Finland
2017 Cache, Titanik gallery, Turku, Finland
2017 The Truth About Finland, Pori, Finland
2017 #Viralvandals, MU, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2016 1984 EVOLUZIONE e RIGENERAZIONE del WRITING, Galleria Civica di Modena, Italy
2016 Suomi kuvaa collective, Pori biennale II, Bloody Summer Exhibition, Pori, Finland
2016 Basic Photography, SIC, Helsinki, Finland
2015 Valtio+, Turku, Finland
2015 PORI WORLD EXPO, Pori, Finland
2014 Art Prospect Festival 2014, ST Petersburg, Russian Federation
2014 Suomi kuvaa collective, URB 2014, Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki, Finland
2014 Pori Biennial 2014, Pori, Finland
2014 It Listens to Your Phone, Smiles at You in Media and Asks You for Money, KUVA/TILA, Helsinki, Finland
2014 ARCOmadrid 2014, Focus Finland, Madrid, Spain
2014 Aesthetics & Openings, FAFA, Helsinki, FInland
2013 Suomi kuvaa collective, C.R.E.A.M. Galleria Ikkuna, Vantaa Art Museum
2013 Kopioitu, Komplot, Brussels, Belgium
2013 Kopioitu, SIC, Helsinki, Finland
2013 And Then with Powers Combined, FAFA, Helsinki, Finland
2013 24 Spaces- A Cacophony, Malmö Konsthall, Malmö
2012 Present Remains, Photographic centre Nykyaika, Tampere, Finland
2012 POLAROID, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland
2012 Encontros da imagem, Facing Youth, Braga, Portugal
2012 Megacool 4.0 Jugend und Kunst, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria
2012 Suomi kuvaa Collective, Back to Curent, Helsinki Photography Biennial, Helsinki, Finland
2012 SUPERMARKET, Stockholm, Sweden
2011 Suomi kuvaa Collective, Wild Dogs Crying Out in the Night, URB, Kiasma-teatteri
2011 Suomi kuvaa Collective, 100 Million Years Before the Sun Burns Out, Myymälä2, Helsinki, Finland
2011 KIDS, Väsby Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden
2010 Inter-cool 3.0, Dortmunder U, Dortmund, Germany
2010 LAIFNAIP, Myymälä 2, Helsinki, Finland
2010 Urban Studies, (HIAP) The Nut Lab, Shanghai, People´s Republic of China
2010 Adios Book III, Gallery Alkovi, Helsinki, Finland
2009 Vidvinkel Projekt, Högkvarteret, Stockholm, Sweden
2009 Trickle-Down Theory, Gallery Korjaamo, Helsinki, Finland
2008 Tense Territories, Museum Santralistanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2008 Les Rencontres D`Arles, European Night, Arles, France
2007 WhatNEXT-Framing the Identity, European Economic and Social Committee , Brussels, Belgium