The Artist is not Present


The Artist is not PresentPori Biennial 2014, Pori, Finland.


Translation for email:
Hi Pori Biennial organizers! Yesterday we hopped on a car train in Pasila.
Our destination was Tampere where we planned to hop on a freight train that should have taken us to Pori. The thing is that we did not have time to leave the car train in Tampere because the car train was connected to another train as soon as we arrived to the railway station. According to Google maps we are moving towards Kolari.
The speed is now 160 kilometers per hour. We do not have enough money for return tickets, so it might take some time before we are back in southern Finland…
This also means that my participation in the Biennial is at stake. This is a big disappointment for me and I´m deeply sorry about the mess. For compensation I attached three videoclips of our trip towards Kolari. My mobile phones battery is almost dead and soon I will be out of reach. I will try to contact you again as soon as possible and I hope from the bottom of my heart that I will reach Pori before the Biennial is over.
Have a nice opening party!