Suomi kuvaa collective-Private/Public Conversation


Private/Public Conversation

Suomi kuvaa collective, “Private/Public Conversation”, The Present Remains 8.11-9.12.2012.
Photographic Centre Nykyaika, TR1, Tampere, Finland.

“Private Conversation” is a wooden box in the middle of the gallery space. The box can be viewed from the gallery´s balcony. Inside the box there are four photographs, four different stories. The photographs are partly hidden, the idea is to  have a private moment between the four stories.
Next to the “Private Conversation”  there is a pile of newspapers. The newspaper consists of public conversation that can be viewed by the audience.

Suomi kuvaa Collective: Tuomas Linna, Juuso Noronkoski, Sauli Sirviö & Matti Tanskanen.
pivate2 private
Offset print, 430 mm × 280 mm, distribution 2000 copies.
Text and images: Suomi kuvaa collective
Graphic design: Johannes Rantapuska