Radioskugga (radio silence) PORI WORLD EXPO


Radioskugga (radio silence)
“Radioskugga” is a performative autofiction about a burst of a personal bubble.
The story is situated in Uusikaupunki, where three foreigners collide with six Uusikaupunki natives.
The eventful saga will be told through telephone conversation during the PORI WORLD EXPO.

Porin Keskusaukio, 28130 Pori

Porin kulttuurisäätö proudly presents the first ever Pori World Expo. The theme of the Pori World Expo 2015 is to make the world appearing. The exhibition observes the relations of the artwork and words: how does the work of art transform into words and what happens to the work and its story when it has been described over and over again. The Pori World Expo also explores the urban space of Pori and the possibilities of monumental art during the Pori Jazz Festival when the city is temporarily filled with tents and stands.

The actual exhibition venue consists of combined elements that are a pavilion-sculpture and a white cube gallery space. These elements create a duality of architecture and sculpture, which together set the whole city as the stage of the Expo. The pavilion and the gallery are collaboratively designed by a visual artist Suvi Härkönen and an Aalto University architecture student Laura Eerikäinen. The exhibition takes place in Keskusaukio (the square next to the Buss Station) in Pori.

The gallery lacks the presence of physical art works, instead they are experienced in phone conversations between the artist and the viewer. By placing a call to a given number the visitor will reach the artist who will then describe the work. This opens a straight dialogue between the viewer and the artist, giving the possibility to ask questions that rise up when discussing about contemporary art and going straight to the source – the artist itself.

The Pori World Expo is curated and produced by Porin kulttuurisäätö, which at the moment consists of Anna Jensen, Anni Venäläinen & Eliisa Suvanto.

The artists are Andrea Coyotzi Borja, Anna Estarriola, Denise Ziegler, Henrik Heinonen, Juuso Noronkoski, Kimmo Modig, Komugi Ando, Saku Soukka and Sauli Sirviö.



Valtio+ at former Turku county prison


Valtio+ at former Turku county prison is a group exhibition arranged by Arte ry 10.7-31.7.2015. I roamed around the shady building to find personal stories from the past. The cell number 42 located in the second floor caught my attention. There is a pentagonal star (spirit-water-fire-earth-air) drawn on the wall and it´s done with care. The endless pentagram gave me a sad feeling about a spiritual person stuck in the concrete. I decided to compose a song and direct a music video in remembrance of this person. The sounds are partly made by the church organs situated in the prisons chapel.


Never Going Home


“Never Going Home” (feature length documentary movie). TBA

The documentary observes the everyday life of the two lovers in a world of their own, as outlaws in a foreign culture, without a home or a place of refuge. The multifaceted documentary reflects the notion of return and its impossibility. The relationship between society and an individual on the verge of alienation is examined through the lens of media commentary and news coverage. The couple’s world is an isolated utopia that the media molds into its own reality. Between these two worlds, separated into parallel realities, they reflect their own identities.

Language: English
Release Date: TBA
Filming Locations: Japan (2011), Chicago, New York, USA (2014)
Film crew: Sauli Sirviö, Lasse Järvi and Henrik Haavisto
Cast: Jim Clay Harper and Danielle Bremnersaulisirvio_ngh9 saulisirvio_ngh8 saulisirvio_ngh7 saulisirvio_ngh6 saulisirvio_ngh5 saulisirvio_ngh4 saulisirvio_ngh3 saulisirvio_ngh2 saulisirvio_ngh1