Never Going Home


“Never Going Home” (feature length documentary movie). TBA

The documentary observes the everyday life of the two lovers in a world of their own, as outlaws in a foreign culture, without a home or a place of refuge. The multifaceted documentary reflects the notion of return and its impossibility. The relationship between society and an individual on the verge of alienation is examined through the lens of media commentary and news coverage. The couple’s world is an isolated utopia that the media molds into its own reality. Between these two worlds, separated into parallel realities, they reflect their own identities.

Language: English
Release Date: TBA
Filming Locations: Japan (2011), Chicago, New York, USA (2014)
Film crew: Sauli Sirviö, Lasse Järvi and Henrik Haavisto
Cast: Jim Clay Harper and Danielle Bremnersaulisirvio_ngh9 saulisirvio_ngh8 saulisirvio_ngh7 saulisirvio_ngh6 saulisirvio_ngh5 saulisirvio_ngh4 saulisirvio_ngh3 saulisirvio_ngh2 saulisirvio_ngh1

Suomi kuvaa collective-Quite Cube


Suomi kuvaa collective “Quite Cube” 01.-10.08.2014
A park next to Karamzininranta street, behind Finlandia Hall, URB festival 2014 , Kiasma Theatre.

The Suomi kuvaa collective takes their installation to the city, dealing with the theme of space. The installation consists of four separate white walls that can be seen as an imaginary stage, simultaneously opening and closing the boundaries of our shared and private space. The project is set up in a wasteland located in Helsinki. A city space, being in a state of constant change, interacts with the plain white surfaces.
Suomi kuvaa collective: Tuomas Linna, Juuso Noronkoski, Sauli Sirviö & Matti Tanskanen.quite cubequite cube2quite cube7 quite cube5quite cube3

Seminääri-Discoveries of Identity


“Seminääri-Discoveries of Identity (Seminar limits)” deals with being oneself. The project is a journey towards self-images caused by changing roles. How are our patterns of behavior constructed, and do we have any power to affect them? The Seminääri asks who’s the coolest; who’s a guru of being cool?

The performance is created with young people employed by the City of Helsinki. The material has been collaboratively generated in July with the directors, visual artist Sauli Sirviö, and theatre director Elina Izarra Ollikainen.
Thu 7.8. 17:00 & Fri 8.8. 17:00
Stoa, musiikkisali
URB festival 2014, Kiasma Theatre.saulisirvio_seminaari